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Thursday, September 1, 2011

"S" word Thursday.... 9/1/2011

Preston (my tgrainer at Golds gym) and Me... 5:00 a.m.  Hoo-RAW 
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS to date: "74" pounds

Here's What..   Wow, this exercise thing is awesome, however, I'M STARVING EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY!!!! I'm not sure if it is the carbs I reintroduced into my diet two weeks ago, or the working out...

So, this week (starting this morning) I'm going back to the basics... I'm making the executive decision to eat the way my weight loss doc instructed me "pre" exercise. I want to see if I'm hungry because of the carbs or because of the workout.  Anyone else find that they are starvin-marvin's when they exercise?? I haven't been hungry for five months.

Let's face it..... A food addict who is hungry all of the time is NOT good.  Some days I feel like a crackhead searching for their next fix.... How do I solve this?? Suggestions??

My weight loss doc retired early.  I saw him for the last time two weeks ago.  I'm really ticked about it, more then sad.  I'm only half way to my goal and don't know if I can do it without his guidance.  Looks like the next 75 is up to me... Can I do it?? Time will tell!!!

Family and Friends... You are all so important to me.  Thank you for your constant "atta boys", love and support during my journey back to a healthy body... I'm so grateful for all of you!!!


Friday, August 19, 2011

8/19/11 "S" WORD FRIDAY!!!!!!

That's right folks... its a new chapter in my weight loss journey!!!
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS to date: "67" pounds
Started this journey on March 22, 2011... exactly 5 months ago in a couple of days.

Month in review:   It's been a "C"razy summer!!  The past four weeks, I have been on my usual 80 mgs of prednisone/day, however... As of Monday, I am in my "no steroids for 4 weeks" phase, which means... Weight loss will come much easier!!  I love it when I'm off those dumb steroids!!

Friday I was asked to take another fit "stress" test, re-do all my blood work, re-check my body fat, etc.   Have you ever done a stress test before?? They are "H"ard with a capital "H"!!!!  UGH!!!!  Not only did I think I was going to pass out and DIE!! But, I thought I was going to fail it, but, to my surprise, I passed!!! In fact, apparantly I'm in better shape then I have been in quite a while.  My O2 levels were higher then they have been in nearly 5 months and I have finally been cleared to EXERCISE!!!!

Thus, my newest chapter in this weight loss journey!!
That's right folks... With a little bit of work......

THIS could be my new sexy bod!!!!!! YUMMO RIGHT!!! (ha ha, GAG!!)

After a very cool story which I won't detail here.... my doctor set me up at Gold's Gym.  I have two of the best personal trainers in the entire world.  Blake and Preston.  
They have me on a very specific workout, per my doctors orders.

I have to admit, I was terrified at first when we started touring the gym!!  Even though I used to workout all of the time, everything looked very intimidating!!!
However..... These amazing guys are teaching me to exercise a MUCH different way then I ever have before...... Blake had me dripping with sweat, in a nearly constant fat burning state, and not breathing hard even one time.  CRAZY RIGHT!!!  I did not one gasp for air even once... These new machines are AMAZING!!!

SO, if you are up at 5:30 a.m. and at Gold's gym in Bountiful, come find me!!! My workout is very short.  No more then 45 minutes.  I would love a workout buddy!!! (smile).  I only meet with the trainers on Thursday mornings, so, every other day, I'm looking for a chatty cathy!!

Thanks again to everyone who supports me.  I have the most incredible family and friends.. Truly I do!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

"S" word Friday, July 8, 2011

Weight Lost this week (16 weeks in to journey)  "1" pound
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: "60" pounds
Weight to lose til goal:  pounds 64

Who knew that banana's have a million carbs???
Last week my doctor told me to add protein drinks into my diet...
So I did.  .....    Every day.

igredients.... low carb milk (3 carbs per cup), peanut butter (3 1/2 carbs per tablespoon), 1 scoop chocolate protein drink powder (2 carbs per scoop) and one banana.
I'm thinking, 15-20 carbs max??

I have been feeling like I'm getting chubbier this week, rather then skinnier.  Yes, I am back on steroids again this week, but, I usually don't gain weight from prednisone til a week after I take them.

Then Mike suggested I look up carbs and bananas.  "35" carbs per banana.  THIRTY FIVE!!!! 
I have two shakes per day...
I'm only allowed 45-65 carbs per day, so, add in my new addiction *(cheetos)* and I am officially gaining weight!!
Who Knew a little tiny fruit called a banana would be my demise this week.  
CURSE YOU BANANA you slippery little booger!!!
I'm an idiot......

(smack my hand... smack my hand!!!!)
banana, you stink!!!


Friday, July 1, 2011

"S" WORD FRIDAY July 1st, 2011

Weight Lost this week (15 weeks in to journey)  Lost 8.5
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: "59" pounds
Weight to lose til goal:  65 pounds

HERE'S WHAT!!!!!!  one more pound to "60" pound weight loss.   THE END!!!!  I'm really excited about that.

Love you all!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

"S" Word Monday!! June 20, 2011

Weight Lost this week (14 weeks 2 days into journey)  Lost 4.8
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: "50 1/2" pounds
Weight to lose til goal:  73 1/2 pounds

Here's What...IT MUST BE SUMMER!!!  Swimming lessons...Bear Lake... Lava Hot Springs next month...girls camp at the Bear Lake condo in August...  Raging Waters...  Lagoon...  LOVE IT!!!!! LOVE IT!!!   LOVE IT!!!!  It really makes my new way of eating easier to do, know what I mean??!!  I just want to be outside all of the time!!  And in the water...

It is a reality... This time next year, I will be at my goal weight!!!  14 weeks ago, I didn't think I could do it!! But with the support and love of family and friends, I now see that the end is near (notice, I have re-hit my 50 pound goal, smile.. My next goal is another 25 pounds. 
If I haven't said it lately, thanks for the love and support everyone!! 

P.S...  I'm not one to be secret about my weight loss, but I understand how many people are very closed mouth about theirs.  To the six friends who are now secretly going to my weight loss doc and having major success also, CONGRATULATIONS!!! It was fun seeing two of you at the office this morning... WE WILL DO THIS TOGETHER, whether in secret or not...

My doctor retires in December... (insert sad face here) :-(  I really want to hit my goal weight before then, but, no hurry.  If it takes another year to get it off, sobeit!!

Here's to another 25 pounds coming off!!!!!



Saturday, June 18, 2011


So fun to see her Swimming!!! 

By the age of four, I had taught Gabs how to swim.  She definitely won't drown, but she isn't an olympic swimmer either.  We always had a pool at the condos and apartments where I lived, so I needed Gabee VERY able in the water!!!

Fast forward nine years to last summer.   I spent several hundred dollars on swimming lessons for Izee at the rec center.  By the end of the summer she could blow bubbles.  WHAT A COLLOSAL WASTE OF MONEY!!! Private lessons is the only way to go!!

What Dr. Bruno accomplished in the first 2 lessons is AMAZING!!  He truly is a great teacher, no matter what the subject!!!


backflippin'... Always have to add some of this one.  She is crazy!!

Coming up for air


Kicking off the side

First Breath, then continues to swim.  GO IZEE!!


Such a great friend.. I love ya Doc!!


This is her dive....... uhm.... a little tiny bit off... Like, 180 degrees!!!

such a great teacher...

Jumping up from the bottom of the pool!!
(laughing).  Nothing like being thrown in the pool, right doc!!

Deep discussion at the opposite end of the pool (discussion is one sided, as Izee refuses to speak during her swimming lesson... GRRR  that kid!!)

Don't you just love Dr. Bruno.  So excited that she was jumping in, and the face on the kid in the bacground is priceless!!

Sisters.... What would we do without 'em??!!!

A RESOUNDING HIGH FIVE!!!  End of the lesson.  Can I hear a woot woot!!! (laughing)!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

"S" Word Monday!!, June 13th, 2011

It's a long walk.......
Weight Lost this week (13 weeks 2 days into journey)  GAINED 6.8 pounds
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: "45.7" pounds
Weight to lose til goal:  78.3 pounds

Here's What... Well, I think the 10 days of prednisone has kicked in.  I cannot explain how famished I am when I'm on steroids...  When you take 80 mg's of prednisone for nearly two weeks, apparantly, it really does take a toll on your mental state, your diet, your everything.....

With that said, it really isn't that big of a deal.  I am off of prednisone now, which means I am back on track with my weight loss.  Yes, it sucks that my first goal of "50" pounds came and went in a blink of an eye, but, I am more determined then ever to drop this weight!!!

I'm not gonna get down, so, as of yesterday  morning, I am steroid free and ready to re-begin my weight loss journey.


Monday, June 6, 2011

"S" Word Monday, June 6, 2011

Weight Lost this week (12 weeks 2 days into journey)  "2 1/2" pounds
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: "52 1/2" pounds
Weight to lose til goal:  71 1/2 pounds

Here's What... I hate steroids.  the end... I am the meanest mom.  The meanest teacher.  The most impatient wife, daughter and in law!!! PLUS I'M RAVENOUS!!!!  TOTALLY BINGED on Sunday night when I got home from my niece's b-day party.  Couldn't help it.  Every one of the desserts looked AMAZING and I didn't eat one bite, but, by the time I got home, I ate everything in sight.  It was like, LOOK OUT GABS AND IZEE, GET OUT OF MY WAY, OR I WILL EAT YOU TOO!!!

With that said, I tried really hard to stay in control of my eating habits this week.  Steroids are the WORST thing to be on when you are trying to retain being human!!  Forget about losing weight, just attempting to be a functioning, kind-loving part of society seems an impossibility when you are consuming 80 miligram of prednisone every morning, plus advair and albuterol.... I really really hate steroids....!!! there... tantrum over... onto another week.

Thanks for love and support everyone. 


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"S" WORD tuesday?? May 31, 2011

Weight Lost this week (11 weeks 2 days into journey)  "5" pounds
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: "50" pounds
Weight to lose til goal:  73 1/2 pounds

Here's What... I couldn't wait to post this... I wasn't going to see my weight loss doctors this morning, but, thought, what the heck!!!!  I'm so happy I did.  I have officially reached my first goal of "50" pounds!!!  Is that crazy?? In less then three months, I've dropped fifty poundarino's... AGHH  So Happy!!!

Unfortunately, it might be short lived, now that i'm back on Prednisone for a while.  But, I am more determined then ever to get this weight off!!  So I might gain a few pounds here and there due to my lung disease.. I can handle that, right!!

my lungs... c.o.p.d is alive and well :-(

Here they are.. My Lungs... Those shadows might look like pneumonia, but, it is in fact C.O.P.D.  (I'm confused. Is that pneumonia?)

 I have never smoked but apparantly I have the lungs of someone who has smoked their entire lives.. Isn't that crazy??   How many nail techs do I know in this world that don't have problems with the chemicals and dust, but, I must have had a genetic pre-disposed problem with my lungs (adopted.  never knew this information)...

It's okay.  I can think of many worse things a person can suffer from.  Right??!!! And I don't suffer... Yet.... (smile)... Some days are just worse then others... This weekend was one of the "worse" days... 99% of the time I have AMAZING days!! (plus I was able to slow down, hide in my house with my girls and RECONNECT... BOND.. after a long 9 months in school... So it worked out!!)

All in all, I'm on the right track!!!   Who knows... In another 3 months, maybe I will be down another 30-50 pounds?? Wouldn't that be exciting!!!

Thanks for the support y'all!!


Monday, May 23, 2011

"S" word Monday, May 23, 2011

That's right, everyone... I'm makin' myself UNSTOPPABLE!!!

 Weight Lost this week (10 weeks 2 days into journey)  "2 1/2" pounds TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: "45 pounds
Weight to lose til goal:  78 1/2 pounds

Here's What... I am feeling incredibly confident about this weight loss.  It has finally occurred to me that if I continue plugging along, I really am going to get this weight off of my body!! It is definitely a possibility that this time next year, I will be in normal sized, maybe even "aeropostale" cute clothes!!  The tortouise wins the race, right!!!  a pound here or there is great, every pound lost is another pound I'm not carrying around!!  I had a great week...
I just have to keep telling myself to keep plugging along and I will achieve my goal!!!!!!
Thanks for your constant support!! I love you all!!!


Monday, May 16, 2011

"S" Word Monday, May 16, 2011

 Weight Lost this week (9 weeks 2 days into journey)  "4" pounds TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: "44 1/2" pounds
Weight to lose til goal:  81 1/2 pounds

Here's What...  I have to admit.  This week has been a whirlwind of weight loss emotions. 
44 1/2 pounds is a lot of weight to lose, right??!! Isn't it??   So why do my clothes still fit?? FORTY FOUR and 1/2 POUNDS and the only thing I cannot wear anymore is my wedding ring.  My pants aren't even baggy!! My shirts, although can button and zip up now, are still my size.........  Have I been wearing too tight, form fitting clothing the past 10 years, or what (laughing)!!?? 

9 weeks ago, I needed to lose 126 pounds.  That seemed like such an unsurmountable goal.   I now have 81 1/2 pounds to lose... Yes it is something to celebrate, but, boohoo, I thought I'd "look" like I've lost weight by now...

When I look at the picture below, it reminds me that 9 weeks ago I was the guy on the left....Couldn't get off the couch without help, walking up the stairs was a "chore", literally could not wear shoes that had shoe laces (unless you've been obese, you cannot relate to tying your shoes as a fat person......) and there was NO WAY I could have run outside with Izee while she was riding her bike.  For that I am proud and will give myself a gold star

Started at far left... Have moved to the middle!!
I'm 33% to my goal.... 1/3 completed

I need to remind myself that I am the middle guy in the picture now... Still chubby, but, on my way to the picture on the right....  I am NOT the guy on the left any more...

 Go Me, right!! GO ME!!