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Thursday, September 1, 2011

"S" word Thursday.... 9/1/2011

Preston (my tgrainer at Golds gym) and Me... 5:00 a.m.  Hoo-RAW 
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS to date: "74" pounds

Here's What..   Wow, this exercise thing is awesome, however, I'M STARVING EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY!!!! I'm not sure if it is the carbs I reintroduced into my diet two weeks ago, or the working out...

So, this week (starting this morning) I'm going back to the basics... I'm making the executive decision to eat the way my weight loss doc instructed me "pre" exercise. I want to see if I'm hungry because of the carbs or because of the workout.  Anyone else find that they are starvin-marvin's when they exercise?? I haven't been hungry for five months.

Let's face it..... A food addict who is hungry all of the time is NOT good.  Some days I feel like a crackhead searching for their next fix.... How do I solve this?? Suggestions??

My weight loss doc retired early.  I saw him for the last time two weeks ago.  I'm really ticked about it, more then sad.  I'm only half way to my goal and don't know if I can do it without his guidance.  Looks like the next 75 is up to me... Can I do it?? Time will tell!!!

Family and Friends... You are all so important to me.  Thank you for your constant "atta boys", love and support during my journey back to a healthy body... I'm so grateful for all of you!!!


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  1. You can do anything you put your mind to! Way to go so far!